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About Update: 2018

I come from journalism. I planned for a competitive, multimedia industry. I worked mostly in newspapers. I ended up the ‘last one in, first one out’ a few too many times, and decided to make my own company — Folk Media Communications Inc. An idea that was rolling around in my head since university. We […]


Studio 2 has become a much-needed hub in the northern New Brunswick city of Bathurst. Traveling musicians stop in, and local musicians get a chance to play, for attentive audiences in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. I got to write a story about the venue for the Salon section in the weekend Telegraph Journal. (Click […]

About Adam Hodnett – September 2016

ABOUT ADAM HODNETT:  Anyone who reads back, will find my “About” section filled with years of trying to explain who I am. I’m not entirely sure why I leave it all up… There is a trend though. I find something about that worthwhile. To catch you up — I fell in love with the ideas […]

Listuguj Newsletter

Nujignua’tegeg – the Listuguj Newsletter. My company, Folk Media Communications, created a multimedia newsletter for Listuguj First Nation. It is a mobile-responsive website, Facebook page, and bi-weekly print product. We regularly create video content. It is a communication tool primarily for the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, but also for all organizations in the community. We do […]

JOURNALISM: Kedgwick River

FREELANCE JOURNALISM: I had a story appear in the September 5th issue of the Telegraph Journal in its Escapade Section. I spent three days canoeing on the world famous Kedgwick River in north western New Brunswick, Canada. It was the first time doing a multi-day river run for the majority of the group, and we all […]

Barcroft Media: Isa-bella Leclair

By far the most popular project I’ve ever worked on. Over 2.8 million views! I shot the video for this story by Barcroft Media, about a girl with a rare genetic condition that causes her leg to swell, sometimes to nearly 40 lbs.