About Update: 2018

I come from journalism. I planned for a competitive, multimedia industry. I worked mostly in newspapers.

I ended up the ‘last one in, first one out’ a few too many times, and decided to make my own company — Folk Media Communications Inc. An idea that was rolling around in my head since university.

We now focus mostly on video, and content marketing. But I’ve struck up relationships with an amazing amount of talent in the region, and all over the world. Folk Media is now a hub. We facilitate complex multimedia campaigns with the best talent around. We believe consistency is key, and have assembled some pretty impressive teams over the years.

But I’m also still a journalist. I love true stories. I write as often as I can, frequently contributing to Brunswick News sections. I also love photography, and music.

My greatest accomplishment to date is the creation of the Nujignua’tegeg — a community news organization for Listuguj First Nation. We grew it from a biweekly printed newsletter, with a website and multimedia content, to team that really honed in on community participation and relevance. We enjoyed a lot of positive feedback.

Aside from that, I want to share with you that train station advertising is an excellent opportunity to share your brand message with commuters. And about train station advertising costs uk, it cost vary because it depends of the type of advertising campaign you want.

I do a lot of the usual freelance videographer/photographer odd jobs – wedding videos, family portraits, and event photography. Business introductions, live music videos, and anything with a documentary style and a focus on a unique person or artist continues to occupy a soft spot in my heart.

But most of all, I love when a business or organization has a problem. I’ve been around enough solutions to likely have an answer for you, but more importantly – I know how to find them!

Profile picture of Adam Hodnett, September 2016.

About Adam Hodnett – September 2016

ABOUT ADAM HODNETT:  Anyone who reads back, will find my “About” section filled with years of trying to explain who I am. I’m not entirely sure why I leave it all up…

There is a trend though. I find something about that worthwhile.

To catch you up — I fell in love with the ideas of journalism, after years of loving lots of silly ideas. I switched everything in school, eventually packed my life in a car, and took jobs wherever I could get them.

Two newspapers later, I ended up driving from British Columbia, to work in Campbellton, New Brunswick — an hour from my hometown of Bathurst.

Of course, we all know newspapers haven’t had an upswing in quite some time — and a year later, I ended up laid-off, again.

Now I’m nearing two years on my own, selling what I do individually — videography, photography, and writing. Read more

On My Own

The time has come to scratch the itch myself.

I was laid off from Brunswick News on boxing day. Newspapers are contracting – it’s not like this is a surprise to me. I do love them. But, this may be for the best.

I have long believed I could rival newspaper wages by taking those same skills out on my own. So, introducing: “Collaborative Content” – a way to provide businesses with the face time they need to build a rapport, and viewers with interesting and entertaining free content. Build on the fundamentals of community reporting, and made possible with the newest advancements in multimedia tech.  Read more

Back At It

I’m fighting stereotype.

I’ve looked to newspapers for this, but I fear that may have to change. Read more

First Job

I got my first job! I was hired as a reporter/photographer at the Petawawa Post in Ontario. I’m working on their social media as well. And it looks like I’ll be allowed to take on multi-media projects.

It’s a community paper. Petawawa is mostly a military base. We also cover town events and sometimes expand to the neighbouring communities (Pembroke and Deep River). I’m living in Pembroke.

I won’t normally push articles and the weekly paper through my personal social media channels, but I set the paper up with its own. Which I’ll be managing and updating regularly. If you’re interested follow us on Facebook, Twitter, orGoogle+

Weekly pdfs can be found here.

I’m going to keep trying to sell freelance pieces. The size of this paper won’t allow for longer print stories, and they wouldn’t make any money off radio docs.  Anything with a Provincial or National scope wouldn’t make sense for this paper either.

I’ll keep posting freelance stuff here, and possibly bigger projects that I’m particularly proud of.

For now, here’s the intro I wrote for the paper.

First About

The thing I like the most about Journalism is that it deals with real characters. I delude myself into thinking I can capture the qualities that prove a character is real. This pursuit alone is enough to keep me going. Read more