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A podcast that profiles average Canadians as I travel the country. It is all set to original music that I wrote and recorded. It is also an opportunity to put my new web design skills to work. (Here’s the template.) It’s taken a back seat lately, although I will continue to work on it. I […]

When the Mill Goes

This is my favorite story. I’ve been learning a lot about web design lately. I used Bootstrap to create a very simple, responsive website. Aside from a simple navbar and collapsible grid system, I added a disqus comment section at the end, as well as multiple sharing options. I am now learning SASS and Compass. Read […]

Beaumont News

Carey Borchuk: building a passion My knowledge of cars is limited, to put it lightly, but Borchuk was happy to expand on what I knew, all while explaining a fantastic project. He has a quality I admire most. Shelley Mckone: Music for Young Children I really enjoyed this story. Not only was there music and […]

Beaumont News

You can see online articles, and download .PDFs of the weekly paper HERE And you can follow on Twitter, or like on Facebook. Updates soon.


I’ve been working for the Petawawa Post. Here’s a feature that I’m particularly proud of. This was in the Nov. 29, 12 issue. The best way to find more of my work for this paper is through Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. There’s also a forum that can link you to PDFs of each issue, plus any multimedia content we […]