British Columbia

Here is a video I made of my trip across the continent. On my way back to New Brunswick for a newspaper job, I broke up the 60 hour drive with landscape photography and video shoots. Once settled, I put it together, wrote a small song for it, and this is what came out:

NBFA – Why Is Art Important?

I pitched this idea in an interview for the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts. I got to spend my summer making it, along with doing other communications work. I traveled around the province meeting with artists and other cultural/artistic organizers. It was wonderful.

J-School Court

Young Man Jailed for Five Months for ‘Brutally Assaulting’ His Girlfriend

An example of court reporting. Originally posted here

Ryan Brown was sent to jail for five months for beating up his new girlfriend. He violated his probation and breached an undertaking. Judge Mary Jane Richards handed down the sentence yesterday.

“I find it the most difficult thing to do to send a young person to jail,” said Judge Richards. “But I can’t say society is safe with you out there.” Read more

From One to The Other

I took a a second year research course in my final year to fulfill all the requirements of my English major. I took the opportunity to learn about Foucault and apply it to Heart of Darkness, the course text. I loved doing this research and I desperately hope to find ways to explore these ideas further. (Edited by Dr. Khurram Kurshid). Read more


I host all of my audio journalism on this soundcloud page. I make a point to post everything (even if I don’t feature it on this website). Feel free to dig around here.