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About Adam Hodnett – September 2016

ABOUT ADAM HODNETT:  Anyone who reads back, will find my “About” section filled with years of trying to explain who I am. I’m not entirely sure why I leave it all up…

There is a trend though. I find something about that worthwhile.

To catch you up — I fell in love with the ideas of journalism, after years of loving lots of silly ideas. I switched everything in school, eventually packed my life in a car, and took jobs wherever I could get them.

Two newspapers later, I ended up driving from British Columbia, to work in Campbellton, New Brunswick — an hour from my hometown of Bathurst.

Of course, we all know newspapers haven’t had an upswing in quite some time — and a year later, I ended up laid-off, again.

Now I’m nearing two years on my own, selling what I do individually — videography, photography, and writing.

Folk Media Communications, Inc. is my “video communications” company. We help everyone make their message clear. And we get to make a lot of pretty fun videos as we go along. The addition of social media advertising, and our “analytics reports” are proving that we’re capable of reaching an impressive amount of people too! (Wedding videos are probably our most consumer-oriented product.)

Additionally, scaffold banners are a must-try if you’re searching for a long-lasting advertisement for temporary buildings. They contain steel eyelets and sturdy double stitching throughout the tunnels.

But, in keeping with my embarasing fits of egotism — I feel like I’m still true to the all the passed “Abouts” I’ve written.

I am — more than ever — fascinated by the functions of narratives. I am more than ever committed to the importance of local reporting, and storytelling. And in a time where absolutely everything seems boiled down to stereotypes, it’s so great to hear: “well, no, that’s not quite right.”

Luckily, my interest in photography also keeps growing. And filmmakers seem to be endless reserves of inspiration for me.

But everything I do still boils down to writing. “Clear writing comes from clear thinking” — and that takes time, and a lot of questions. The shorter the media you’re creating, the harder this is to do, usually. It takes practice.

I am insanely thankful that I still get to focus on writing-only, from time to time. Wonderful editors at Brunswick News let me contribute to different sections, and pitch ideas. I’m also part of fantastic project with the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government.

The Nujignua’tegeg is true community media, done on an insanely small budget. Myself — and a great team — publish a print newsletter every two weeks.

Everything is online. We produce several regular video series’, we cover all major events, we promote local talent, and we keep people informed. We are also well recieved, because we are constantly asking ourselves what our readers are interested in.

I’m afloat, but that still isn’t really stable. I need to hire someone, and as luck would have it — I think about it a lot.

In the meantime, I feel good about what I’m doing.

I really do think I’m able to help people out, in a uniquely affordable way. And I’ve learned so much along the way, about every step — from planning to getting views.

I’m still getting to do all the things that made me fall in love with Journalism all those years ago. And like always — I just want to keep it going.

-Adam Hodnett
September, 2016

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