JOURNALISM: Melindria Tavoularis

JOURNALISM: I knew Melindria Tavoularis from my time at The Tribune in Campbellton, New Brunswick. I was immediately impressed with the Restigouche Gallery, and Melindria was clearly a staple.

I was always curious about her story, with her American accent, and generous nature. So when asked to pitch some stories, she immediately came to mind. Unfortunately (but actually fortunately) our initial interview was over two-hours long. I could easily get 10x that material talking with her.”×896.jpg” alt=”melindria” width=”604″ height=”529″ />

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A story on Archie Harper in the Salon Section of the Telegraph Journal

JOURNALISM: Archie Harper — A great artist uncovered

I was doing a story for the Salon Section of the Telegraph Journal on the 40th anniversary of the Restigouche art gallery, when I started asking about the founder. No one knew much about it, but I did catch his name — Archie Harper.

I managed to track down a few folks who knew Archie by reputation only, then I found a few remaining friends, and then a family member. He was a pretty remarkable guy, and almost ended up completely forgotten.

Here’s a story I was able to piece together about his life, and his legacy in northern New Brunswick.



Studio 2 has become a much-needed hub in the northern New Brunswick city of Bathurst. Traveling musicians stop in, and local musicians get a chance to play, for attentive audiences in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

I got to write a story about the venue for the Salon section in the weekend Telegraph Journal. (Click the images to pull up the PDFs)

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Adam Hodnett Journalism — Kedgwick River

JOURNALISM: Kedgwick River

Adam Hodnett Journalism — Kedgwick River

FREELANCE JOURNALISM: I had a story appear in the September 5th issue of the Telegraph Journal in its Escapade Section.

I spent three days canoeing on the world famous Kedgwick River in north western New Brunswick, Canada. It was the first time doing a multi-day river run for the majority of the group, and we all loved it. Read more

Barcroft Media: Isa-bella Leclair

By far the most popular project I’ve ever worked on. Over 2.8 million views!

I shot the video for this story by Barcroft Media, about a girl with a rare genetic condition that causes her leg to swell, sometimes to nearly 40 lbs.

Shiretown Promotion

Campbellton, NB quickly surprised me. Rick Hutchinson (Hutchinson Creative Communication) seems to be the meeting point of a lot of cool things. He connected me with Shiretown – northern New Brunswick’s brewery. We decided to come up with a simple ad, and this is what we got:

Folk Media – Video Production and Communications

folk_media_cover_screenshotFolk Media Communications is my video production, and communications company operating out of northern New Brunswick, but serving the entire east coast. We specialize in business communications and promotions, event recording, weddings, and “collaborative content.” Read more

Shiretown Sessions

The first example of “Collaborative Content.” Shiretown’s Derek Leslie already wanted to give back to the arts community, and with the help of Hutchinson Creative Communications, we all came up with this live sessions series – shot inside Shiretown’s brewery. Here is the intro to the first episode with John Hutchinson. Links to the two full song videos are below.

Shiretown Sessions | Episode 1 | John Richard from Shiretown Beer on Vimeo.


Shiretown Sessions | Episode 1 | John Richard | Don’t Leave Before Dawn from Shiretown Beer on Vimeo.


Additional Songs:

 Well (Baby Please Don’t Go)

Don’t Leave Before Dawn

About Update: 2018

I come from journalism. I planned for a competitive, multimedia industry. I worked mostly in newspapers.

I ended up the ‘last one in, first one out’ a few too many times, and decided to make my own company — Folk Media Communications Inc. An idea that was rolling around in my head since university.

We now focus mostly on video, and content marketing. But I’ve struck up relationships with an amazing amount of talent in the region, and all over the world. Folk Media is now a hub. We facilitate complex multimedia campaigns with the best talent around. We believe consistency is key, and have assembled some pretty impressive teams over the years.

But I’m also still a journalist. I love true stories. I write as often as I can, frequently contributing to Brunswick News sections. I also love photography, and music.

My greatest accomplishment to date is the creation of the Nujignua’tegeg — a community news organization for Listuguj First Nation. We grew it from a biweekly printed newsletter, with a website and multimedia content, to team that really honed in on community participation and relevance. We enjoyed a lot of positive feedback.

Aside from that, I do a lot of the usual freelance videographer/photographer odd jobs – wedding videos, family portraits, and event photography. Business introductions, live music videos, and anything with a documentary style and a focus on a unique person or artist continues to occupy a soft spot in my heart.

But most of all, I love when a business or organization has a problem. I’ve been around enough solutions to likely have an answer for you, but more importantly – I know how to find them!

Profile picture of Adam Hodnett, September 2016.

About Adam Hodnett – September 2016

ABOUT ADAM HODNETT:  Anyone who reads back, will find my “About” section filled with years of trying to explain who I am. I’m not entirely sure why I leave it all up…

There is a trend though. I find something about that worthwhile.

To catch you up — I fell in love with the ideas of journalism, after years of loving lots of silly ideas. I switched everything in school, eventually packed my life in a car, and took jobs wherever I could get them.

Two newspapers later, I ended up driving from British Columbia, to work in Campbellton, New Brunswick — an hour from my hometown of Bathurst.

Of course, we all know newspapers haven’t had an upswing in quite some time — and a year later, I ended up laid-off, again.

Now I’m nearing two years on my own, selling what I do individually — videography, photography, and writing. Read more

Listuguj Newsletter

Nujignua'tegeg Homepage

Nujignua’tegeg – the Listuguj Newsletter. My company, Folk Media Communications, created a multimedia newsletter for Listuguj First Nation.

It is a mobile-responsive website, Facebook page, and bi-weekly print product. We regularly create video content.

It is a communication tool primarily for the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, but also for all organizations in the community. We do softer stories, profiles, and features. It strives to fulfill one important journalistic purpose: reflecting the community back to itself.

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