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folk_media_cover_screenshotFolk Media Communications is my video production, and communications company operating out of northern New Brunswick, but serving the entire east coast. We specialize in business communications and promotions, event recording, weddings, and “collaborative content.”

We are the top video production company on the North Shore. While focused on New Brunswick, we serve the entire Maritimes, and beyond. We do everything from wedding videos to corporate communications and strategy.

Folk Media Body

Video Production

We do weddings, communications videos, events, and promotions. Video Production has a wide range of applications. From lighting, to audio engineering, to colorgrading,  we are capable of tailoring video projects to your needs. We also have a wide network of talented people to call on for full multimedia campaign.


With a background in journalism and media creation, we can help get your message across in a variety of modern ways. From a website, to press releases, to content to push on social media, we can coordinate and create it all to your advantage.

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