A radio series idea about average Canadians.

A radio series idea about average Canadians.

A podcast that profiles average Canadians as I travel the country. It is all set to original music that I wrote and recorded. It is also an opportunity to put my new web design skills to work. (Here’s the template.)

It’s taken a back seat lately, although I will continue to work on it. I plan to eventually sell it as packaged “seasons.” But, it has to remain a hobby. (Read my blog post about it here.)

Here is the demo episode I created with Bill, an Okanagan farmer from England.

When the Mill Goes

Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 3.06.58 PM

This is my favorite story.

I’ve been learning a lot about web design lately. I used Bootstrap to create a very simple, responsive website.

Aside from a simple navbar and collapsible grid system, I added a disqus comment section at the end, as well as multiple sharing options.

I am now learning SASS and Compass.

Read “When The Mill Goes” here.

Back At It

I’m fighting stereotype.

I’ve looked to newspapers for this, but I fear that may have to change. Read more

Beaumont News

Carey Borchuk: building a passion

My knowledge of cars is limited, to put it lightly, but Borchuk was happy to expand on what I knew, all while explaining a fantastic project. He has a quality I admire most.

13-05-10 Building more than cars

Shelley Mckone: Music for Young Children

I really enjoyed this story. Not only was there music and a few different scenes to visit, but McKone was genuinley excited about what she does. And that makes my job a million times easier.

13-05-24 Music for Young Children